Are you always looking for ways to be able to break down the walls of communication between you and your teen? Have you thrown your hands in the air saying, “I give up!?” Don’t despair. There is an answer! Tina Tatum and her daughter, Faith, created a thirty day devotional for Mothers and Daughters, bringing both sides of the conversation, seemingly separated be generations to the pages of this book with grace and a wonderfully thriving mother/daughter relationship.

The book is titled THRIVE and is laid out with a “Mom Moment” and a “Teen Take” along with some beautiful graphics for coloring. There is a bible verse relevant to each of the thirty topics that Tina and Faith have spoken to in their individual writings.

Tina’s ultimate calling is to lay firm foundations for people to follow Jesus Christ with passion, and to arise with courage as an agent of change on the Earth. With a true heart for freeing captives, both physically and spiritually, Tina’s purpose always circles back to her primary focus: Sharing Jesus with the world.

Tina and Alan Co-Founded R3 The Movement, an anti-human trafficking organization that seeks to Reach, Rescue and Redeem those affected by sexual exploitation and slavery.

She is Co-Host on Together Strong Thursdays /The MaryBeth Connely Show. She has been featured on TBN Praise the Lord, Joy in Our Town, The Loretta McNary Show, Live at 9, Business over Coffee International and Daughters of Destiny Talk Show. Tina has also been featured in publications such as Your True Colours Magazine, Come Into Your Own and Courageous Woman Magazine. Author of Daily Dose, a daily social media line of encouragement and soon to be released book! Contributing author to Purpose Shakers-Women Who Rise to the Call of Purpose. Tina is a Courage Maker Award recipient, Kindle Award Honoree for the unrelenting pursuit to make a difference in the lives of others, Courageous Woman Honoree and Women with Mantles Honoree. In the Marketplace she is also Circle of Excellence Award Nominee.Tina is TRULY a woman of purpose! You can learn more about Tina at

Tina and I met when we were both asked to participate in the compilation book Purpose Shakers – Women who Rise to the Call of Purpose. Tina hosts live events in the Memphis area which are specifically for women. Be sure to review the information here about GatHer and RefresHer. I am all about women connecting with other women to learn and grow together, inspire each other and to recognize the beauty within each other.

Tina and Faith are planning on some local, as well as global events for mothers and daughters to connect in a community created specifically for the purpose of connecting to each other, and to create relationships with other mothers and daughters. Communication is key in building relationships no matter who you are wanting to connect with. Communication creates Clarity and breaks down misunderstanding and the barriers that separate the generations. Meet people where they are. Have a “Talk and Listen Segment.” Create and environment where one person speaks and the other(s) listen. It’s impossible to listen and talk at the same time. The key work is “Listen”… not just hear. Listen to understand what is being said as well as what is being unsaid.

  • Affirm the person
  • Deal with the issue at hand
  • Create a space for all to be heard. Listen to what is being said and wait your turn to talk.

I’m so grateful to know Tina and to have had her as my guest on Transformational Tuesdays. Please listen to the replay below or watch the video. There is so much more to learn from this awesome woman. Give yourself the gift of listening to this recording. It will help you to bridge the gap between the generations and family.

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