How healthy is your computer? Viruses, Malware and Clouds… Oh My! Hacking and Losing my files… Oh Why? Our very on “Techie,” and my personal Online Business Manager, Doreen Harper, was my guest on Transformational Tuesdays this week. Please take a few minutes to learn about her on her website,

Have you been a victim of a virus, malware and hacking? Have you lost files that were hanging out on your desktop for convenience sake or because you didn’t know anything about “the Cloud?”

The very first thing we covered was the importance of strong passwords consisting of both capital and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Always save your passwords to a password manager like Last Pass, Roboform or one of the many that are available in both free and paid versions. Many of these can be used on PCs or Macs and on your smartphone. Do NOT store passwords on your computer or in your browser.

Create a guest log on for others who may use your computer, this way they have no access to your private info you may have on your system. Doreen recommends changing your passwords at least once a year and make it difficult for others to guess, but something that is meaningful to you.

For security from viruses, Doreen recommends AVAST (there is a free version of this software) and for malware, she recommends Malwarebytes which is a paid program. This keeps all the junk off your computer. Yes, it is important to keep your computer safe and secure from any and all viruses and malware that will put everything you have on your computer at risk. McAfee and Norton slow systems down significantly, and don’t provide the level of security that AVAST does. Avast also has other features such as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and more.

Disk cleanup and disk defragmentation are super important for you to have your system running optimally. Do these on a regular basis as part of your computer health and your system will serve you well. Regular healthy checks will keep you from having to use programs such as C Cleaner.

Be cognizant of downloading programs and program updates/upgrades on your computer. Many times these are malware or other programs that will supersede your default settings like browsers if you aren’t paying attention to exactly what you are downloading/ upgrading. Personally, I got a nasty piece of malware on my computer when I thought I was updating my Adobe program. Doreen suggests going to the program site itself to see what the latest version of that program is BEFORE you click on anything that is inviting you to update that program.

Do you have your files in the cloud? Dropbox is my choice, and Doreen’s as well, for cloud storage. Most of my files, actually all of them except on occasion, are in the cloud via Dropbox. You can also find cloud storage with programs like ADrive, google drive, one drive and apple also has cloud storage.

Doreen gave us an incredible amount of information to help us keep our computers and all our technical devices safe and healthy. Listen to the replay or watch it below.

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