Have you ever wondered what life would be like when you released yourself from what other people thought you were or should be?

I’m Teresa Velardi, and I asked myself that question for a long time before I took action to change what wasn’t working for me.  When I was sick and tired of being stuck in an abusive marriage and an unfulfilling job, I made a choice to break out of the box that kept me unhappy and without a vision for my future.  Free from the bondage of someone else’s dream, I remembered that there is much for me to do while I’m here on earth.

I help others get their stories told in books;  through Wake Up Women and my publishing company. It still amazes me how fulfilling this work is.

Personal growth is a never ending journey of change, discovery and happy surprises that has transformed me from the inside out and has nudged me to support others in life changing growth.

Writing and making pottery are ways that I keep in touch God and who I am authentically. My soul becomes more alive when I am that creative space.  When it is quiet and I’m in a contemplative space, ideas come to life. Transformational Tuesdays is just one of those ideas.

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