Hello and Welcome to Transformation for Today!

I’m excited that you’re here! Welcome to our lively, weekly call. My journey of self discovery and personal growth & development has inspired me to create Transformational Tuesdays as a way to “pay it forward”.

Packed with inspiration, education, motivation and conversation focused on the key ingredients necessary to facilitate transformation, this weekly conversation is designed to help start your day with a spring in your step as you journey through positive change toward the authentic brilliance of who you really are.

My goal is to support you in the process of being in touch with and bringing forth the amazing person that you already are. During the time we spend together, we will explore topics that will put a smile on your face and sometimes may bring a tear to your eye. Our conversations may fill your heart with joy, bring inspired peace to your soul and may even put courageous confidence in each step you take as you travel the Transformational Trails of Life!

Transformational Tuesdays will begin airing on the Amazing Women of Power Radio Network the world’s leading positive programming network on April 16, 2013. We are also airing on Ft Lauderdale Community Radio. Please check for times in your area.